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Kirsten Volness: Staying Composed
by Matthew Lawrence of Take Magazine
Three RI Composers Win $25,000 Fellowships
by Chris Barnett of Rhode Island Foundation
Three Inventive RI Composers Win $25,000 MacColl Johnson Grants
by Andy Smith of Providence Journal
Three Cheers for Three Musicians
by Beth Comery of Providence Daily Dose
URI music, art instructors bond over love of music
by Elizabeth Rau of URI Today
Embracing Life's Rhythm: Dr. Kirsten Volness on the Rewards of Her Art Form
by Aria Mia Loberti of


Transient Canvas’ Wired Features Electroacoustic Commissions
by Matthew Younglove
"...electronics fade in and out of the texture like a spirit passing between worlds"

2017 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival: Political Protest and Social Justice
by Jean Ballard Terepka of
"One of the finest pieces in the Festival was Volness’ response to recent accounts of refugee displacement from the 2106 [sic] UNHCR report and of international enslavement from the current Global Slavery Index."

Hub New Music and Kelsey Broersma at Sound and Fury
by Cristina Lord of New Classic LA
"Kirsten Volness creates an exquisite sound world in Little Tiny Stone, Full of Blue Fire

Waking the Monster
by Masary Studios
"Masary Studios activates the Green Monster at Boston's Fenway Park. Combining original scores, custom-mapped animation and 9 percussionists, Masary was responsible for Waking the Monster at the Illuminus Boston Festival 2015." (CME)

Precious Nothing
by Michael Miller of New York Arts
"The scoring, from the use of the mezzo-soprano voice to the percussion and electronics is nothing short of gorgeous, and in a way its richness opens the door to the disparate stylistic elements Volness brings in, including jazz."

Broad Ambition: Hartford New Music Festival 2012 by Lisa Renée Coons of New Music Box
"The ensemble EXILKABARETT unleashed a furious burst of acoustic energy in Kirsten Volness’s Peppermill Songs."

the infinite space between by Jennifer Berke of The Daily Texan
"Interior design junior Bronwyn Hunt said each performance was different, but she enjoyed 'The Infinite Space Between' the most.
'It was interesting. I had more of an emotional response to the performance by being free to experience the space' Hunt said. 'The music even affected the way people moved through the space.'”

Bering Sea by Bruce Hodges of Seen and Heard International

Bering Sea: Be'eri Moalem of San Francisco Classical Voice

Hints and Hauntings by Topher Levin of KCMETROPOLIS.ORG
"The electronics expanded to a wider variety of timbres, from late 90’s-sounding synth pipe organ sounds to water sounds to dense soundmass swells.'

Gaia by Jim Phelps of Computer Music Review
"Similarly championing the appreciation for appropriately short pieces was Gaia, by Kirsten Volness. The piece was a tasty, percussive morsel based on features of dynamic relationships within life systems."

» Composers Circle April 2014 Mix Tape
» I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Summer 2014 Mixtape

» Year Without a Summer on Transient Canvas–Wired
» River Rising on Music from SEAMUS Vol. 25
» Meridian Project—Dark Matter (multimedia album)
» Nocturne on PARMA Music Festival Live 2013


Classical Meets Contemporary by Amanda M. Grosvenor of Providence Monthly
"Verdant Vibes has carved out a niche for rethinking classical music in Providence."

First Fridays Start at Music Mansion by Beth Comery of Providence Daily Dose

Head to the Music Mansion for First Fridays
by Casey Nilsson of Rhode Island Monthly
"Music Mansion's 2017 series, curated by composer-in-residence, Kirsten Volness, features an unusual spread of music, from English and Irish folk to electronic compositions."

'Verdant Vibes' At Hope Artiste
by Beth Comery of Providence Daily Dose
"And now for something completely different. Avant music ensemble Verdant Vibes presents new electro/acoustic music and multimedia by composers from around the world . . . lots of grooving, epic, sublime new music, with electronics, video, improv, etc. at the Hope Artiste Village."

A New Sound by Adara Meyers of Take Magazine
"'Fun, engaging, and transcendent (if but for a moment).' That’s how Providence, Rhode Island-based composer-pianist Kirsten Volness describes the sometimes brazen, sometimes ambient, and always envelope-pushing music on deck for the December 6 launch party and concert of her latest undertaking: Verdant Vibes, a new music ensemble and concert series on the cusp of its inaugural season."



A Group of Young Dancers, Conversing With Their Feet: Alastair Macaulay of The New York Times
BalletCollective Plays with Wildfire: Alastair Macaulay of The New York Times

Leaping from Within, Narratives of a Young Ensemble: Alastair Macaulay of The New York Times
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Q2 Music's Meet the Composer Launch Party at The Greene Space: Feast of Music
For Young Ensembles, An Entrepreneur and an Audience: Steve Smith of The New York Times
Hub New Music Illuminates Norman's constructs at MFA: David Weininger of The Boston Globe

» Richard Carrick's Cycles of Evolution—playing piano with Hotel Elefant on Prisoner's Cinema



The Tenderloin Opera Company Gives Voice to the Homeless by Jenn Salcido of Providence Monthly
Buses into Land Sharks: Alternative Theater in Providence by Sophie Kasakove + Lisa Borst of The College Hill Independent
Tenderloin Opera Company, "Real Conversations Series"
by Rob Clark of The Good Five Cent Cigar
Wrong and Strong by Carol McCarthy of


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