Without Them, What Remains?

Commissioned by the World Future Council
to commemorate the United Nations International Year of Forests
and the 2011 Future Policy Award

Written for REDSHIFT Ensemble
Bb clarinet, cello, and piano
7 minutes

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Jonathan Russell, Rose Bellini and Kate Campbell
Projections by Katrin Bethge

Program note: Forests are home to 300 million people around the world and 1.6 billion depend upon them for their livelihoods. Covering 31 percent of the total global land area, our forests store more than 1 trillion tons of carbon. Rainforests alone create 40% of the Earth’s oxygen to be consumed by humans and all of the other terrestrial creatures here with us (80% of that biodiversity lives in forests!).* This piece is inspired by the idea that we need to work together to protect and sustain the forests for those who depend on them for survival (all of us). They play a critical role in maintaining balance in our ecosystems and climates, contribute to our health, happiness and economic success, and make life on Earth as we know it possible.

*Facts taken from the United Nations International Year of Forests Fact Sheet. Learn more at