for choir (SSAATTB)
Text by Stewart Farrar
6 minutes

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Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
Carmen Tellez conducting

Program note: Ostara is the pagan holiday honoring the return of spring, celebrated during the vernal equinox. Often fires are lit to symbolize light overtaking darkness, the return of warmth, and the renewal of life. The text itself is taken from a widely known book of ritual published in the 1970s and has since appeared in many other publications. I was drawn to its overwhelming message of peace, acceptance, and wishes for a better existence for all of humanity.


We kindle this fire today
In the presence of the Holy Ones,
Wiithout malice, without jealousy, without envy,
Without fear of aught beneath the sun
But the High Gods.
Thee we invoke, O Light of Life;
Be thou a bright flame before us,
Be thou a guiding star above us,
Be thou a smooth path beneath us;
Kindle thou within our hearts
A flame of love for our neighbors,
to our enemies,
To our friends, to our kindred all,
To all creatures on the broad earth,
From the lowliest thing that lives,
To the spirit that is highest of all.