piano, stereo digital sound, and live electronics
12 minutes

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Program note: I've always avoided writing solo piano music, because I found that a lifetime of playing made my fingers lead me places my brain and ears did not necessarily want to go.  However, when a critical mass of my pianist friends asked if I had a piece they could play, I finally decided to write one.  I wanted it to be fun to play (and hear). Some aspects of the piece like prominent glissandi, percussive elements, and exploring the resonance of the instrument were inspired by conversations with my young piano students.  Many of the sound sources in the electronic part were recorded sitting at the Baldwin Acrosonic that my parents bought from a bar in 1969. I also use various objects that happened to be lying nearby like the game Bananagrams (made in RI).  Much of the piece grew out of being in that place at that time, from the sounds of the birds at the window feeder to the less-than-perfect piano I've fallen asleep on numerous times over the course of my life.   Nocturne is inspired by a poem by Madison Cawein of the same name and takes the form of a fantasy, exploring various meanings of “night music” – at times evoking vibrant nightlife, at others the oscillation of long, slow breathing, coming in and out of consciousness and dreaming.  Special thanks to Josh Lantzy for letting me sample his homemade glass marimba.